Enjoy complete control over your entire home from one easy-to-use interface on a remote control, keypad or smartphone.

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Croft Electrical can provide a customised home automation installation system that matches your home requirements, allowing the ability to control it all from one easy-to-use interface, whether it’s a touch screen, remote control, keypad, or even your smartphone.

Home automation is the combination of technology and convenience, where everyday digital devices such as TVs, music systems, lights, security systems and more — can work together and make your life easier to relax in your own home.


Loxone is a 360° smart home solution: from lighting and heating control to security, blinds, music and energy management, your whole home can be intelligently automated.

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As a Loxone Partner, Croft Electrical and Loxone will look after you all the way through your Loxone Smart Home journey – from the consulting and planning stages, to the installation and all the way through to aftercare support and follow up.


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Audio Visual/Multimedia

Experience the luxury of a complete multi room audio system throughout your home, giving you easy access your music library.

Having many different audio systems such as a DVD player, cable or satellite box, Hi-Fi system and other equipment in different rooms can affect the look and feel, with not only wires hanging out of the back of each system, it also uses extra energy. Also, if you have recorded your favourite movie or programme on a particular system, you would then have the inconvenience of having to watch this in the room that the TV recorder is located in.

With a Audio Visual/Multimedia system installed by Croft Electrical, you will no longer have these concerns as you can now control your music and TV from your touch panel, iPad or iPhone, which can integrate seamlessly into your system.

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Experience the magic of the cinema in your own home with a custom designed system with state of the art picture and sound.

With the ease and control of your touch panel you can set the ideal cinematic mood, dim the lights, watch the cinema screen appear, then it’s time to sit and enjoy your favourite movies. It’s then up to you what family or friends you want to invite around to experience this unmatched luxury home experience!

Our team can help you in choosing the best system to match your home requirements and your budget.

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Lighting Control

Create the perfect mood for your home effortlessly with easy to use lighting control.

With a lighting control keypad installed in your home, your are able to control either a set of lights, a specific room, the whole house, or a combination of all.

A lighting keypad in your living room can control all of your house’s room lighting. With the touch of a single button, you can easily adjust the lighting to a preset setting for a relaxed mood, a second button can light the hallway, and the third button can control the lights of the entire house!

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Get extra peace of mind with a CCTV camera system that can record months of footage and activity from inside and outside of your home.

By adding this state of the art security technology to your home, camera footage automatically appears on screens around your home, and can be a response to a visitor arriving / leaving the premises. You can then simply view any activity via the internet, giving you complete peace of mind and security so you can relax and enjoy the perfect home life with your family.

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Croft Electrical’s structured wiring systems manage existing and future technologies throughout your home.

A structured wiring system allows you to share your internet and Wi-Fi connection with multiple computers, games, applications, music and movies throughout your entire home, enabling you to watch or listen to digital content from multimedia servers, satellite or DVDs on every TV from a single source.

It’s crucial that you make sure your home is correctly wired today and is ready for any future updates or installations, which will save you money.

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Croft Electrical want to match your vision of the perfect design of your home automation system, which is why we work with you and discuss ideas in order to provide a unique service that suits all of your needs.

From initial draft sketches through to completion of projects, we manage the project to your liking and provide you with complete visibility during the process.

We understand each project is unique, so we can cover all services meaning you don’t need to look elsewhere, which will save you both time and money. From bespoke furniture design, space planning, electrical, plumbing and lighting design, Croft Electrical will deliver the perfect design just for you.

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Our home automation installation and system services provide the following key benefits :

Added Security

Energy Efficiency



Cost Savings

Peace of Mind

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