Experience the convenience and benefits of charging your electric vehicle at work or at home with a bespoke Electrical Vehicle Charging unit.

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As the number of electric vehicles on UK roads rapidly increases, Electrical Vehicle Charging becomes an ever more important aspect of car ownership.

Whether you are looking for single or multiple point systems, wall mounted or ground deployment solution, Croft Electrical are able to design and install your bespoke solution.


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Bespoke Electric Vehicle Charging solutions

Croft Electrical are able to design and install your bespoke Electric Vehicle Charging solution, whether this is for single or multiple point systems, wall mounted or ground deployment solution. Our fully qualified electricians will ensure you receive the correct installation to match your unique requirements.

Call us on 07411 396303 and we will be happy to help you with any questions and advise which Electric Vehicle Charging unit will be best suited to meet your needs.

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Electric Vehicle Unit Home Installation

Charging from a standard plug at home takes longer and is not considered safe. Estimates reveal that on average over 80% of all charging activities are carried out at home. It is imperative to have a electrical vehicle charging unit installed at home for convenience and safety.

Most electric car manufacturers recommend that you do not use a standard 13 amp socket for charging your electric car at home for safety reasons. For example, your electric vehicle is equivalent to charging an electric oven, which is a much larger electric load in comparison to your toaster, which can be charged in any standard plug in your house.

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Charging at Work

As the sales of Electric Cars is increasing, the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging units at work are increasing too. On average, daily commutes to work are under twenty miles, therefore the idea of purchasing an electric car is becoming more cost effective to a business’s work force. Get the convenience of arriving at work, connecting your vehicle to a unit to charge for the day, then drive home fully charged!

Installation of an Electric Vehicle Charging unit is generally straightforward, and can be used by all staff which is a very cost effective solution for the business and staff combined.

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Quality and Safety of Installation

Croft Electrical ‘s highly qualified team pride themselves on the quality and safe installation of your Electric Vehicle Charging Unit. We have the experience of installing hundreds of charging units to commercial and domestic customers each year, so we can approach any job with confidence.

We also strive to deliver the best support and aftercare after we have finished installation – guaranteeing we will always be there for you with any help or assistance you require.

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Service and Maintenance

Croft Electrical is a leading specialist in providing bespoke electric vehicle service and maintenance packages for new and existing car charging stations. From a one off repair to an ongoing maintenance service, we can tailor the package to meet your individual needs.

Our fully trained and experienced electricians will ensure you are fully supported and guarantee a swift response to any of your ongoing requirements.

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Different connectors for different vehicles

Electric Vehicle connectors are similar in the way that some vehicles are petrol and some diesel. There are two versions across all manufacturers.

Type 1 – This has mainly been used in non-European cars like Nissan or Mitsubishi.

Type 2 – Other vehicles come with IEC62196-2 connector.


Domestically, there is mainly a choice of two models :

Type 1 – 16amp

Type 2 – 32amp

During our FREE Evaluation, we will guide you through the benefits of each connector and advise on the best suited based on your own requirements.

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Our Electrical Vehicle Charging services provide the following key benefits :

Save your business and staff money

Cost effective domestic solution

Easy to use / low maintenance

Convenience of charging vehicle at home or workplace

A simple solution that's flexible and scalable

Reduce emissions and pollution

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